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twinkling_toes's Journal

The twinkliest toes that ever was seen
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A community for people whom like to walk about bare foot! Its your own personal rebelion. Its saying "f*ck you i won't do what i tell you" without no effort. Its being able to dance and twirl and not trip, its the feeling of freedom.

I got this idea from Seavixens

before people join i want!

*A picture they like of someone barefoot.
*A picture of them barefoot, or just there feet
*A picture of the layer of muck on the bottom of there feet, from walking about so much

How often, when inside are you barefoot?

What is the furthest you have been outside?

Are you the type to just take that foot wear off at any chance you can, such as in the cinema, parks, beach and so on?

What kind of footwear do you wear the most?

I am sure this shall be the most un popular club, like -ever- but if it does get many (any?) members i shall find a website to put this info on. or maybe i shall make an email address open to all members.

I think maybe i shall let people off without easy access to scanners and webcams and such off if they do not have pictures..